About the Bloody Seamen

The Bloody Seamen are Pittsburgh's premier Pirate-Rock band. Drawing from traditional sea shanties as well as punk, metal, and good old-fashioned rock n' roll, their music can be matched only by their stage shows which include five fully costumed pirates displaying their penchant for swordplay, fisticuffs, fire-breathing, rum-swilling and other high-seas skullduggery. Ladies and Gentlemen... PREPARE TO BE BOARDED!!

"They seem so dangerous." - Rick Sebak



"This Pirate-Rock band of miscreants out of Pittsburgh have been hitting the stage and terrorizing the public since Halloween of 2009. This devils brew is what ye get when ye toss in rock, metal, punk, and sea shanties into a blender, a killer mix ye down as the band hits the stage and DAMN the hangover the next morning� They are a heavy, mind-pounding pirate band from Pennsylvania who draw their musical abilities and sound from bands like AC/DC, Flogging Molly, Motorhead, and Dropkick Murphys. With a 13 track album �Ahoy Motherfuckers� that would indeed appeal to fans in the pirate world."
Capt. Lycan Hunt - Mutiny Magazine

�It would be easy for someone to take one look at this band � with their punny name, over-the-top live performances, and pirate costume/character schtick � and just write them off as a novelty act. But on closer inspection, The Bloody Seamen take having fun very seriously. They don�t just throw on some dollar-store Halloween hats and eye patches; lots of attention to detail is put into each member�s professional-grade, movie-quality costume and make-up. More importantly, though, these are all talented punk/metal musicians � which is apparent from the lengthy guitar solo that closes out �Giant Island,� to the banjo that makes up the foundation of �The Pittsburgh Pirate� and the intro/outro of �What�s Become,� to the Flogging Molly-ish accordion that accompanies �Stand Before the Mast� and �Who Pissed in Me Rum?� � and besides that, these guys can write some damn fine and damn catchy songs.�
Valley of Steel

�These dudes are hardcore. They show up in full pirate regalia, and don�t break character easily. I even got a �business scroll� from Captaine Blackguts. For all I know, these cats really are pirates, and have a ship docked somewhere on the Allegheny river. This band of buccaneers knows how to work a room, and work it they did. They put a gleaming sharp metal edge on some really catchy drinking songs, with fighting, fornicating, plundering, and treasure thrown in for good measure. They seemed to cross musical genres with some straight up rock and some more funky/groovy stuff. Any band with a guy named �Pipes� that plays the accordion, what think was a fife or some kind of small flute, and the bagpipes alongside screaming guitars is cool in my book. These guys know what they�re doing. I will definitely be at more of these guys� shows. I just hope they weren�t distracting us with awesome swashbuckling metal as the rest of their crew picked our pockets and stole�
World (and Lunar) Domination

�The Bloody Seamen always blow me away. Their showmanship & dedication to character is unmatched. Their catchy choruses, funny tales, and ridiculous stage presence will easily shanghai many a fan. Something about everyone yelling during some of the aforementioned catchy choruses & the melodies have a very Dropkick Murphys/Flogging Molly sort of feel. I�m sure the fife, accordions & bagpipes don�t hurt there either. Also� where else can you see a guitarist snap all of their strings with a machete at the end of their set, a fire-breathing sea-captain, and a bass player with a really creepy dead eye? The highlight the other night was watching �Filthy� Cheswick Springdale decided to throw his guitar on the ground & assault it with his combo amp head while it squealed, only yo expertly cut it off when the song ended by unplugging the feedbacking beast.�
World (and Lunar) Domination